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Activities Start
1. Thai handicraft activities 09.30 AM - 06.30 PM
2. Fruit Buffet  10.00 AM - 06.00 PM
3. Lunch with Traditional Thai Perfomances round 1 - 12.00 PM
2 -   1.00 PM
4. Khan Tok Traditional Dinner with Thai Perfomances round 1 - 17.10 PM
2 -  6 .10 PM


Thai Thani Arts and Culture Village

The Thai Thani Arts and Culture CVillage is a new and unique tourist attraction featuring the culture and traditions of old Thailand. Our village reproduces the Thailand of a bygone era, preserving what it means to be truly Thai, including culture, traditions, arts and crafts, Thai style activities, and performances. Visitors may encounter and experience the old Thai way of life, and come to appreciate the beauty of:
Thai Architecture: the multi-gabled pagoda, the alms bowl pavilion, houses in varied styles from the four regions of the country including those of remote ethnic groups, and a Khan Tok Northern style restaurant.  
Thai Arts: sculptures and ancient Buddha images, paintings and bas-reliefs depicting famous Thai stories such as Thao Surannari and Kinnari playing in the water. 
Thai Activities: painting on cotton cloth and mulberry paper, pottery making, wood carving, making royal Thai sweets, and other skilled crafts.
The Kad Moua Market:  walk and taste your way through this array of rare foods from all regions of Thailand in an ancient and unforgettable atmosphere.
The Gallery of Arts and Crafts: admire different types of rare and unusual Thai arts and crafts from all four regions of the country.
The Khum Khan Tok Restaurant: savor delicacies from the Northern and Northeastern regions of Thailand while enjoying Thai cultural performances.
Performances:  Thai music and dancing from the four regions of Thailand, including a procession of barges on the water.
Also, delight in a leisurely ride around the village in a horse drawn carriage.