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Activities Start
1. Thai handicraft activities 09.30 AM - 06.30 PM
2. Fruit Buffet  10.00 AM - 06.00 PM
3. Lunch with Traditional Thai Perfomances round 1 - 12.00 PM
2 -   1.00 PM
4. Khan Tok Traditional Dinner with Thai Perfomances round 1 - 17.10 PM
2 -  6 .10 PM



Phra Vihan

This beautiful Pagoda or Viharn is constructed in the graceful Lanna style with a roof of three tiers modeled after the Viharn at the Wat Pong Sanuk temple in Lampang. It has four porticos housing four golden Buddha images set back-to-back facing the four directions. There are twenty-eight elegant columns intricately decorated in gold supporting the entire structure. 

Traditional Thai Houses

Houses from the Four Corners of Thailand: Admire the unique and diverse styles of an original house from Northern Thailand as well as one representing the way of life in Isan (Northeast). There are also houses of ethnic minority groups including Akha, Lahu and Karen.